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Model: Vizio VF552XVT
Description: 55" LED LCD TV
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Power Consumption: 150W
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Summer 2010
While Vizio often promotes itself as "America's #1 LCD HDTV Company," we are quick to point out that this is sometimes the case with unit sales of LCD TVs, but not total revenues. The reason for the difference is that many of Vizio's top selling models are very small inexpensive TVs. Within the 55" LCD category the company faces some tough competition.
The new VF552XVT from Vizio has the latest and greatest features that the company hopes will keep Vizio competing with the Tier 1 manufacturers. This series has LED local dimming backlighting, a 240Hz refresh rate (listed as 480Hz but that is back light manipulated spec), and a new black drive system. And this model also contains a new Bluetooth remote control and Internet functionality options. This is the second tier feature and price offering from Vizio for 2010/2011, the XVT Pro series Vizios are the step up from the XVT series.
HQV Processor Testing: Internal video boards are strong on the VF552XVT. We were impressed with the processors ability to smooth out distortion and prevent moire' patterns. See testing results here.
HD Picture Quality: The two problems that we had with viewing content from HD sources was 1) the picture presentation was overly dark (post calibration), causing dark areas in dark scenes to run to black with no definition and 2) image edges were continually blurry which surprised us considering the inbuilt processors. This occurred no matter what back light setting we used. Judder and jerky side to side panning were problems when turning off the Smooth Motion feature but worth keeping it off in general. The negative effects from the TVs elimination of natural background blur are the problem with the 240Hz feature. See below 240Hz rate feature evaluation. The LED backlighting occasionally introduced some negative effects by reducing shadow detail in the top corners of some scenes.
Black Level/Contrast Ratio: Black levels appear saturated and sometimes take out shadow detail or take the color out of a dark hue. Occasionally, blacks take on a dark charcoal appearance.
480i Video Content (cable, DVD): Picture quality from 480i and similar resolution appeared soft and blurry around the edges as did all content on this HDTV. HQV processor testing yielded very good results for the XVT series indicating an excellent internal chip set. There was no banding or mapping apparent. There was judder and jerkiness in many scenes both in 480i and HD from side to side panning as we were forced to turn off the Smooth Motion 240/480Hz rate feature due to unwelcome background information.

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