Sharp Aquos Review

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Model: Sharp LC-52E77U
Description:  1920 X 1080 HD LCD TV
Reviewer: Robert Wiley
Date: Fall 2009
Test and Optimum Viewing Distance: 15 feet
Calibration Notes: The LC-52E77U contains fairly easy to use calibration tools including white balance settings controls without having to access the service menu. The E77U contains a BLUE push that we found difficult to reduce
Below are are final picture settings to bring the user close to D6500 without accessing the service menu:
Picture Settings
Picture Mode User
Color Temp Low
Brightness -12
Contrast +36
Color +1
Tint +1
Sharpness -1
Backlight +6

480i DVD and Broadcast Viewing: As difficult and unpredictable as the E77U series is with calibration, the same applies to the picture experience. At times the LC-52E77U had ultra saturated looking blacks and great contrast. At others the picture appeared washed out during dark scenes. There is a lot of processing going on with this TV at many different levels. The internal picture doctor is hard at work. Therefore we viewed a lot of source material on it to try to get a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. There are motion artifacts of varieties – swimmy effects with side to side jerky motion. At times there is flicker and background noise. In other scenes the presentation looked fantastic, clear, vivid and colorful. The 3D-Y/C feature is available for analog signals and is intended to minimize dot crawl and cross color noise. 

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