LG 47LE8500 Review - 47" LCD LED TV

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Model: LG 47LE8500
Description: 47" LCD TV with 240Hz Processing
Resolution: 1980 X 1080
Includes: Swivel table top stand
Reviewers: Robert Wiley and Jack Burden
Date: Summer 2010
The LE8500 is loaded with extra features (some good, some not) and striking good looks. It is the next to highest end TV produced by LG for 2010 falling just below the LE9500 which has the simulated 480Hz rate that I cant imagine makes much difference. We enjoyed testing this high end offering and comment on Picture quality characteristics and almost all of the various features below. We finish with a value comparison rating with the 3 categories combining for the Overall rating.
Post Calibration Settings: Gamut / Color Management System
Energy Saving OFF
Picture Mode ISF Expert 1
Backlight 38
Contrast 85
Brightness 58
H Sharpness 49
V Sharpness 48
Color 56
Tint G7
Black Level LOW
Color Gamut STANDARD
Color Temp WARM
Method 10 Point IRE
Pattern OUTER
HD Picture Quality: First and foremost with the LE8500 is adjust the dominant, radioactive TruMotion 240Hz feature. I wish that we could report a big improvement over this feature from last year's models, but it's not to be. With the feature on either high or low setting you will notice soap opera type cardboard cutout figures as the TV's processing works to take out the natural background blur of scenes. The feature's settings are much easier to change this year (see below in features section for instructions). After much testing, we preferred the User setting with Judder Reduction completely off at 0, and Motion Blur at level 9 with the exception of sports programming for which the features actually adds quality. With that done we will report up front that judder is noticeable and persistent especially in scenes with side to side panning. But it's worth the tradoff as the judder reduction option is just too distracting even at level 1.
This is one of the only and major drawbacks to the picture (though a big one). Color rendition from HD signals is superb and black levels excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed the real glass facing of this TV as it helps the picture presentation depth and realism. It does add some glare, but better to have glare and depth as far as we're concerned. Dark shadow detail was good and plenty of light came through during darker scenes.

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