Two different types of flat screen TV

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How to choose the right TV set

Both LCD and plasma can produce beautiful images, but they have different characteristics. One is not necessary better than the other.

It’s a personal preference as to the type of image you want to see, along with the size and cost factor. Compare the two side by side in the store to see what you like best. LCDs screens have a matte finish with minimal reflection.

LCDs have a better image quality and higher resolution at smaller screen sizes than any other display technology and tends to be brighter than plasmas. It has a very realistic look, natural balance, superior color accuracy, good flesh tones, and sharpness.

Digital TV Formats

The screen size for an LCD can vary from 2 inches to 52 inches, and expect screens to be larger than that in the near future. LCDs weigh about half as much as a CRT television with the same size screen. They are popular in places where there is not much space. They can be desk, cabinet or wall mounted.

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General information about all flat screen TVs:
# Almost all flat panel televisions have a widescreen format.
# Many flat panel TVs include a PC input. If you have PIP (picture in a picture), you can watch TV while searching the web!
# Almost all flat panel televisions can display high-definition (HDTV) . Many tube (CRT) televisions cannot.
# The picture is brilliant and easily viewable in all lighting situations.
# They have a wide viewing area and allows for undistorted viewing from most angles.
# They tend to have better audio systems than the old televisions had.
# Flat screen TVs are some of the most expensive video products on the market. At the present time, LCDs are less expensive than Plasma in screen sizes of 50 inches or less. Plasmas are less expensive than LCDs in screen sizes of 50 inches or more.

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