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LG LE5500 is the latest TV to lead the market, offers an impressive range of features including full 1080p high-definition display and 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio - this TV has some type of (22 ", 26", 32 ", 37", 42 ", 47 ", 55") but whether it can win the competition?

With LED LCD televisions is very important to keep in mind that LCD TVs use LED backlights instead of traditional fluorescent tube. The panel remains the same and still use liquid crystal diode technology in which the crystal is 'twisted' to regulate the amount of light through the screen.

LE5500 rose wood in color, which tends to work well in more traditional homes but can not be a true cutting edge chrome and black style to suit the family room is very modern. Television is a shallow 1.2 inches in depth and weighs about 65 pounds (about 30 kg's) without brackets. By standing the screen can rotate to 40 degrees, 20 degrees either side of center.

The panel where the lights dimming feature bright or dim automatically to prevent the light emitted and increase the black level. Not surprisingly then, the unit performed very well and black LED potentially better than some of the plasma on the market today.

LEDs use more power-efficient than fluorescent tubes, which is great news for green consumers and their electricity bills. This unit also features other power-saving options including smart sensor that adjusts the color and brightness of the display automatically lights in the room changes and the ability to disable the screen while listening to music.

LCD TV LG LE5500 has TruMotion 240Hz technology, provides a very fast refresh rates for sports look that looks great. However, it does require adjustment of some motion blur and judder settings to get it at the optimum level of good for a fan / AV but perhaps a bit too technical for the average consumer looking for the finished product out of the box.

When it comes to connectivity, the tv has imput that is not so different from the others, with four HDMI ports, two component ports, USB 2.0 access and 15-pin computer input. For sound, the unit is equipped with two 15 watt speakers that emit a loud voice a little, but not more than that given to the competitors.

Unfortunately there is no direct remote control buttons to change TruMotion feature on or off, which can mean trouble as you switch between sport and look normal.

LE5500 tLG impressive in terms of color rendition, with a color depth of the total area. Good point of view, without degradation in contrast to 45 degrees from center.

The panel features wireless connectivity with video sites including YouTube and Netflix and comes integrated Skype, which means you can make free calls to anywhere in the world without a PC.

With a competitive price range LG LE5500 is an excellent product with great black levels and connectivity of the internet that most consumers will really enjoy. Although not sophisticated, it is definitely suitable for the average consumer and slightly better than his closest rival, Samsung UN55C6500 LED TV or Sharp LC-52LE820U.

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